After a few years of web development I finally started building a website for myself. Don't think that I have got a lot of free time, just thought that it's better to build it bit by bit than to postpone it for years.

Looking for excuses

There are a few reasons why it took me so long to put up a simple website for myself. First, I am not the best of writers. You know what was the worst thing in high school for me? You are right - writting essays. Second, I am not the best in the industry to write articles valuable to the community. Third, I have been worried about my English. It's not my native language and I didn't want to look stupid.

That's enough of excuses, there is only one real reason - I have been lazy. And that's gone. I'm outside of my comfort zone trying to write something up and explore a completely new thing for me - blogging. Hopefully, this will help me to become a better writer and developer, as well as improve my English.

Plans for the future

Currently the website is on its initial stage and looks a bit empty. It's going to change soon. Here is a todo list for the nearest future:

  • Finish the logo
  • About page
  • Portfolio
  • Resume

This list is being updated as I complete the tasks. So, feel free to follow me on Twitter to get the latest news.

More about

Interested how the website is build? Want to read more about me? Read it all on the about page.