About myself

Hello, I'm Roman Zhovnirchyk. I work as a Front End Developer for Surround in Toronto. My background comes from Ukraine, where I was born and lived until I finished a software engineering program at a college in my home town of Ivano-Frankivsk. I have been developing websites since 2010 for various clients around the globe. Project portfolio and my resume are coming, so stay tuned on Twitter to receive the most recent updates.

Beside from front end development, I'm trying to learn some design and backend stuff. Most of my web project are Wordpress based, so I have learnt a lot about it recently. Jekyll has really intrigued me about Ruby language, I will very likely try to learn more about it soon.

Good design in all its aspects is one of my passions, even though I don't have much design experience. This website is one of the first projects I have designed. I have tried to make the website clean, usable and readable. Feel free to contact me via Email or Twitter with any suggestions.

In addition to web development and design, you will find blog posts about my personal life including travelling, life of a Ukrainian in Toronto and other things surrounding me.


Under the hood

The website is powered by Jekyll and hosted for free on GitHub Pages. It was built with HTML5, CSS3 and SASS. The site wasn't tested in any version of Internet Explorer. Code was written in Sublime Text 3 on Macbook Pro. Markdown is used to write blog posts.


This website was fully designed in browser without any wireframes, mockups or PSD files. The logo was designed in Illustrator after a few hand-drawn mockups. The main typeface is Open Sans with a fallback to Helvetica/Arial (not surprisingly). Montserrat is another typeface provided for free by Google Fonts and used on this website.


The content is licensed under CC BY-NC-SA 3.0 license while the source code of the website is licensed under the MIT license.